Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How I spent my first day of Summer

Yeah finally summer is here. It's the longest day of the year!!

I've been putting it off too long. Several reasons it must be done.

Sand the deck, sweep it down, pick a color and go to town.

Goodbye green, Hello blue

Oh hell, who left the lid on the sill?

Let it dry in the sun.....

Two days later it's all brand new.
Now I just need an Ocean View.

If I had time I'd sit or lounge,
sipping my Pina Colada and just watch the sun go down....

Just think, 2 more days til Friday...
Ah and then I can eat, sleep and play!!!!

I think I know just the spot.
Here is where I'll let my eyelids drop.

Happy birthday Grandma Leah

Fab Alameda Finds

So in my last post I mentioned that I would tell you about the great finds from the June Alameda. ( okay I'm a bit later than a day, but here at the beach house we are on island time, so a day is all relative) .

Let's start with this fabulous blue thread and sewing notions holder. Behold the color and the design details. How genius to have the tray at the top for pins and other such small items. I may just be motivated to make a small pin cushion for one side of the tray. I think I have just the material. A vintage Hawaiian print, blue and green floral. Hmmm. Creative juices flowing. Caution ahead!!!

I also found a cut little pineapple Coco Joes pineapple Lava key chain, a mini green happy foot treasure craft #3 foot ash tray (perfect for paperclips or beads when crafting), and a blue flower bead necklace from my tiki man vendor. I will not supply name or booth number as a girls got to have some secrets. In May I also bought some rock'in 50's sunglasses with cases from him.

Speaking of Hawaii. I also picked up 2 hand beaded shell strands, a bit big for necklaces, maybe small waistbands? They might come in handy for a Tahitian costume. And my steal of the day, that also stole my heart. A vintage 'uli' uli. It's similar to maracas, and hearing my daughter's and my Kumu sing and play it was pure heaven. Our Kumu also promised my daughter when her hands were big enough to hold it properly she would teach her a special song to play with it. So jealous... Back to my smooth moves. A gentleman had picked it up, kinda looked and it and put it down. I slowly sauntered over, gingerly picked it up, turned to the booth owner and calmly "Uhm how much for this?" "$5" I was so professional."oh okay. I'll take it thanks" Calmly and quickly pulling out a $5 bill, while on the the inside I was screaming to myself and doing a wild and crazy happy dance. OH MY GOD this is one of the coolest things everrrrr. It was definitely made to find its way to the beach house. I'm so lucky for my super power of finding very cool shit at great prices. And of course still to myself , saying thank you to the gentleman who had picked it up for bringing it to my attention and to the booth owner, thank you thank you thank you, you just made my day. The wee one also went a bit nuts. "oh for me?" "Uhm no, this is mommy's but you can borrow it." "Can I borrow it now?" And off she went sing and dancing hula and playing the 'uli' uli as all little hula dancers should. It was quite a show and made it very easy to keep track of where she was.

As you could have also guessed from the last post. I bought a groovy white bench. It is surprisingly tres comfortable. Sometimes furniture such as this can be a bit stiff, and not having much padding on my back side a bit well, uncomfortable. Makes a perfect seat for a mini float for a mermaid princess. Hmmmm. Don't get any ideas little one. If you check out the next post you can see this bad boy in action at the beach house.

Can't wait till July!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Back ~ Alameda June

I'm back. Between my jaunt to New York and two sinus infections I've been a busy gal. Oh and a bit of work here and there. So let's get started shall we?

Sunday was the monthly installment of Alameda. It was rock'in. The weather as of late in NorCal has been a bit unpredictable to say the least. It is June I think. If April Showers are supposed to bring May flowers, then what the hell do MAY and JUNE showers bring? I'll tell you what they bring, a shitload of allergies and a big bunch of 5 foot weeds in the backyard. Not a good combo. Stay tuned and I will tell you the best thing for allergies. It's not for the faint of heart. But it works!!!!

Oh back to Alameda. So I did go in May. But I did not bring home much. Still trying to think of what I did get and see. I'll have to check the picts and get back to you. I do remember a girl menehue statue from United airlines. I was in love, but my budget wasn't big enough for the $1400 price tag.

So the day started off overcast, but warm and got nice and toasty and pretty damn windy by the end. And I've got the sun burn on the back of my legs to prove it. Roll the picts------

I think these would be fabulous in a store display. Especially a jewelry store. I realize that they are of the male figure, but that's just what pops in my head.

Can't forget the animals and gnomes. A constant at Alameda.
I think I've seen the Ostrich before....

Ready for summer you say? I couldn't agree with you more. These were one of my favorite things, if not my most favorite. SO FUN.... I can see myself basking on the golden sand on the Cote D'Azure. Svennnn... a bit more oil please. And a Pina Colada ...Oh I guess...

Don't forget your Hula outfit and Hawaiian Ice to keep the Summer theme alive

I almost feel like I'm back at Coney Island. Or my own private Island. ( Can you believe we missed the Mermaid shindig at Coney Island by 4 days? More later....)

You know I can't resist the furniture at Alameda...

and the colors!!!!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for metal...

especially if it's Art Deco....

This was bought from a Hollywood studio for $10. I couldn't believe the seller admitted that. Didn't even want to know the price...or the weight. The glass is beautiful.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll show you what I brought home and my fabulous steal of the day

Here's a sneak peak. And no I didn't steal the little girl....