Monday, March 22, 2010

I love Grass

So last week I was perusing Apartment Therapy and saw the coolest drying rack for dishes. It's grass, by Boon.. Well I just had to go and see it for myself, in person. I knew I was going to be in the City on Saturday so I went online to find out where it was available. And where did I find it? Target! Also it was only $14.99. (online the cheapest I could find was $17.99 + shipping). I bought 2. Fabulous. It's compact, fits under the cupboards, giving me more counter space. It holds all the dishes without them rolling all over each other. Its personality fits perfectly in my old green and yellow kitchen. I never knew a dish rack could send me to such levels of excitement. I might even go and get some more flower dish scrubbers and have a garden.

My grass in action.

The flower adds a nice touch don't you think.

Not only is it a great rack, but it's also very fun to use in still lifes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Metal Chair I saw you sitting there.....

So I found this little beauty, okay soon to be beauty at an estate sale in Berkeley for $5. I know, the metal furniture gods were with me on that overcast, misty Saturday morning. Poor orphan had been abandoned outside, left out to suffer, its fabric cracking in the rain. Thank goodness these people did not know what a gem they had.

I snatched her up, put a little aqua merrimecko fabric from the Discount fabric store and voila. One sunny afternoon kick'in it by the pool inspired make over.

All it took was a little elbow grease, $10 bucks, some borrowed sockets, and a bit of creativity.

Wacky Wednesday

Wow what a crazy Day!!!!! Is it a full moon? Are the planets out of whack or is it just Me??? Thank goodness the day is almost over. Too much sweet tea last night had me up till 1am. Yikes. Tossing and turning. Not to mention lots of protests from the little ones today. And my living rooms looks like the suite from The Hangover. Minus all the fun that went into making such a mess. If a mess is to be made I sure as hell want to have a bang up time making it. As I used to say when I was a wee one and I would see gigantic messes is movies "Who's going to clean up that MESS????" I guess in this movie it will have to be me. So let's turn up a little Michael Franti, and maybe even some Social D and get this clean up party started. Forecast says Thursday should be a bit smoother sailing with less turbulence.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A spot of rain

Rain rain go away
Go bug someone else today

I want some warmth. I want some sun,
So we can go outside and have some fun

Tomorrow is another day
Maybe some sun will shine our way

At least the plants get to take a bath
And we’ll have fun splashing in the puddles on the path

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ode to my Balcony

Ode to my balcony
When the weathers nice and hot
You are definitely the spot
To laze in the sun and catch some winks
Boy this winter sure does stink
So when the time does arise
When the plants come back alive
I will be sure to enjoy your splendor
Sipping frozen concoctions from my blender

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Alameda ~ March 2010 Edition

Last Sunday was Alameda, as in the Alameda Antiques Faire. A monthly junking adventure for those serious junksters, hipsters, fab gay boys, and anyone looking for an excuse to get get a bit of sun and partake in some serious people watching. Pretty much a busy body haven.

Here are the usual suspects. Oma's not big on Michael Franti, "You KNOW I don't like this rap type music", ah but she did ask me to turn up Hey World. The little one was grumpy wanting "Hey where you going today", and stitch was just glad he had stowed away in the back.

Oh if this junk could talk. The stories it would tell. And that's just what it would say about the browsers. Not only does one get to peruse great junk, but the tales over heard at Alameda are a writers gold mine. There are the single women telling their tales of the dating world "oh the date was okay, he was a bit boring, but we both agreed by the end of the date that I just wasn't as into him as he was to me. For at least 5 rows. Translation: A peck on the cheek and "I'll give you a call" from the guy as he's disappearing into the night fog. Because girls, we all know if the guy was that boring you would have been checking out and recalling to your gal pal all to details about the decor, the food and the other hotties prancing by, not melting your friends ear off for 45 minutes.

Let's not forget the ebay'ers. You know the ones. They can be seen at any thrift store, swap meet, antique faire. "That's a great deal. I saw that on ebay for at least $50 and here it's only $24." or " Are you kidding me? That's 100 bucks? I saw one of those in mint condition on ebay for 25." Now with the great invention of those dang smart phones you can even check it out instantly. Beware: don't try this with Verizon. Overheard: a dealer saying Verizon didn't cover the Alameda too well and his battery was going dead from looking for a signal. Yikes. Even the dealers are utilizing the ebay. They have print outs on comparable items on ebay to show you what a great deal their item is. That technology sure is pulling this poor antique junk into the modern world.

My favorites though have to be those fabulous souls who see an item that sparks a memory of the past. Some are from the good old days, some are from a happy childhood, and some are just down right random. "Those seven dwarfs remind me of a time when I was seeing some punk band at CGBG's. The lead singer looked like grumpy. Can't remember much else about that night. Boy was I wasted. What a great night" It's just so weird to imagine older people in their hip younger people days. You go Grandpa, maybe you need to slow down a bit with that stroller before the wee one spills her kettle corn. No one wants to hear that fit.

Here are a few of my daughters favorite things. I have no idea what's up with the fascination with the porta pottie. But my usual baby monk who is normally camel like in her liquid retention cannot resist them. THREE 3 Three times she had to go potty. REALLY????? Thank goodness she's big enough to take care of business as I watch from afar with a scrunched up face.

She likes the tiki bar because it's bamboo, she can crawl up on the big stool, and "mommy wouldn't it be cool to drink pina coladas in this in the mermaid cove? That's my girl!!! This coconut does not fall far from the palm tree.

Do you notice a theme here? Looks kinda like the living room.

Ahhh....Another exciting adventure. There were some treasures to be had this month, a few of which found their way cruising back to the beach house. Can you guess which ones?

Stay tuned.......

next time we'll have a competition for the best wagon seen at the Alameda

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fuzzy get off the drum

Funny thing about having a beach house. Interesting things find their way inside. Of course I have an old surf board in the bedroom, several tikis, vintage hula dolls in various states of undress, and a ukuleles here and there. One of my favorite things is the stand up drum in the living room. Or as the man who sold it to me at Alameda calls it a side table. Hmm really? Looks like a drum to me. Back to my rock'in drum. Today my very furry, very orange cat Fuzzy, has discovered the drum. Discovered that he fits perfectly on the drum and that the view from the top of the drum as he cleans himself is one of the best in the house. He has calculated that if he is able to maintain his position on top of the drum for a bit longer he may even get a bit of sun from the west facing window. So I have heard myself several time today exclaim "Fuzzy GET OFF the DRUM" Does he listen? No he's a cat. A cat who obviously has temporary hearing loss. Don't worry friends, it will soon be cured when I begin to cook some chicken for dinner tonight.

Back to my post. After a few hours of detouring. Thanks PG & E woman for waking up all the kids to tell me that you are going to put some gizmo on my meters so you can monitor my usage from a nice warm seat in front of a computer. Feel a little bad for the meter reader who use to enjoy strolling through neighborhoods ignoring the barking dogs. Hey at least now you don't have to climb through all the palms and over the orange netting at my diggs. Hope your new job and/or re-training retains the excitement and freedom that you enjoyed.

Back to Fuzzy. After a three hour tour one wonders, how does one get a 15+ lb cat off their drum? Oh but Dorthy you had the power all along. Simply click your heels and sit at the computer so he can come sit in your lap of course. Such a simple solution. Now if only I could stand up.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. A fabulous structure constructed of wood a few years, decades ago, I'm a beach house. Although I am situated a little ways from the beach in the wine country of Northern California, in my soul there is sand at my back door. A drum, a steel guitar and ukulele can be heard playing on my veranda while the girls are lounging on the chaise, giggling and sipping pina coladas waving to the fire boys as they pass. My inhabitants include a young at heart crafty mama and a precocious wavy haired little girl. Don't let my calm white exterior fool you. Inside my color palette hints of Hawaii, South Beach, the Caribbean and Key West. Hope you enjoy the following musings from this little bit of heaven. Don't forget it's not always where you're at, but what's in your soul that brings the sand and the surf to your front door.