Monday, March 8, 2010


Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. A fabulous structure constructed of wood a few years, decades ago, I'm a beach house. Although I am situated a little ways from the beach in the wine country of Northern California, in my soul there is sand at my back door. A drum, a steel guitar and ukulele can be heard playing on my veranda while the girls are lounging on the chaise, giggling and sipping pina coladas waving to the fire boys as they pass. My inhabitants include a young at heart crafty mama and a precocious wavy haired little girl. Don't let my calm white exterior fool you. Inside my color palette hints of Hawaii, South Beach, the Caribbean and Key West. Hope you enjoy the following musings from this little bit of heaven. Don't forget it's not always where you're at, but what's in your soul that brings the sand and the surf to your front door.

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