Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tacos at Oma's

Every few weeks/months, okay every so often, the Beach House gang cruises over to Oma’s (grandma’s) house for some homemade tacos. Well, everything but the taco shells are homemade. But even those are home fried. Salsa, guacamole, cheese, beef, beans, lettuce, onions and some cilantro to top it off. Washed down with some cold ice tea. Oh and who can forget the lemon meringue pie for dessert?

So last Wednesday was one of these occasions. The wee one and I grabbed a couple of her friends whose parents were off to celebrate a birthday and go to a concert and sauntered over to Oma’s. It was a warm summer evening and the sun was beginning to set.

Oma did not disappoint. She had a beautiful set up in the courtyard with two tables. One for the little kids and one for the big kids. Not a bad setting for the evening.

Here's the cottage next to the courtyard. Aren’t these French doors beautiful? Okay I’m a bit biased because I built them. That’s right kiddies I built them. These beauties started off as 5 pieces of redwood and 2 big planes of glass.

Let the feasting begin. Here it’s serve yourself. You make it as you like it. A little or a lot. Don’t forget the music. Tonight it was Johnny Cash.

Isn't this the cutest table? $12 Thrift store find. I've also seen one at Alameda. Perfect indoors or out. So lightweight yet stable. Great for extra plates or silverware. Napkins. It would even be cute in a bathroom or as a nightstand. Put some books on the bottom shelf and some dolls on top and it could go in any little girls room. With a little spray paint it can be any color you like. Of course I highly recommed Spa Blue or Lime Green.

As you can see not much remains on the plates at these get togethers. But there's still some left in the bowls for leftovers. Yummy!!

Time to head to the porch for a bit of recovery before dessert.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So you think you're a rock star? Really?

Guess what greeted me this morning as I dragged my weary non-morning loving body to the kitchen this morning? This!! Just because you get a few pictures on the world wide web does not give you table privileges. Even more amazing is these 2 so close. They don’t get this close unless it’s cold and raining outside. Friendemies?? Do I want to even ponder what they were planning to do with the car keys? Nope.

This one obviously has a short attention span. Here he was back this evening. That’s right. His legs are even crossed as he’s lounging. No shame here.

The weather outside was a bit cold for him after 6. Did I mention this guy suffers from SAD? That's right. He spent most of the morning complaining about the overcast sky. Honey if I had any say in the matter it would rain for a few hours in the morning to water the plants and be a cool breezy 90 for the rest of the day.

Maybe I should hide the car keys.

Fabulous. Now this one wants in on the action. Posing with a parrot for goodness sakes. Do any of you creatures have any shame?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oops we did it again.

Yeah, 2 of our big boys, Fuzzy and New Guy can be seen on the fabulous design blog Desire to Inspire. Thanks Kim! The little one is so excited. Imagine "That's Fuzzy on pets on furniture" at a very high pitched squeal about 7 inches from my ears. What did you say? Sorry I can't hear on the left side right now.

To see more sweet sweet pictures of pets every Monday check out Or check it out to see beautiful design every day.

Another Alameda???? At Candlestick???

So it's been brought to my attention (Thanks Mom) that there is a NEW antique fair that will be taking place the 3rd Sunday of the month at Candlestick park in San Francisco. On initial viewing of its web site it looks suspiciously like the same folks that run Alameda. I don't know if I can handle all the excitement and pressure on the checkbook of 2 big fairs a month. But, I'll be there in August to check it out and report back. May the force be with me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Table Cloth Upholstery

Once vibrant and colorful, the material on the bamboo dining chairs has become dull and dingy. It’s time has come and passed. It’s done!

After a few months of scouring fabric stores for something that can handle high traffic and little munchkins, without breaking the bank, I figured out that I would need some type of oilcloth. Something bright, something tropical. And BOOM it hit me. An outdoor tablecloth. And with it being summer time, my pickings were bountiful.

I hit the local discount stores and found this beautiful hibiscus patterned table cloth that would fit in perfectly in the dining room. At $5.95 each, I bought 2. According to my rough calculations I can get 6 chairs covered with 1 tablecloth. And an extra if I need it down the road. Fabulous

So with my tablecloth. a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and a very talkative assistant, I was off and running. Maybe not running. Remember kids, safety first. DO NOT run with scissors.

Not too shabby!!! The material just compliments the color of the dining room perfectly and can take lots of abuse. I couldn't have picked a better material.

Did I mention that this works great with metal chairs?

Here‘s a sweet little kids chair that I picked up at Alameda for $10. I love little metal chairs. Well okay most metal chairs. I love metal. But enough about me.

Here's what I did with this cutie.

First I laid out the table cloth against the cushion to see which part of the pattern I liked. The little one liked the big hibiscus flower in the top right corner. Good eye little one.

I pulled the tablecloth over the edge of the cushion and marked an inch or so border from the edge.

I cut out the piece that I wanted and unscrewed the cushion from the metal frame.

Then I placed the material how I wanted it on the cushion and gently turned it over.

I cut away a bit of excess material and using a staple gun, stapled the material to the bottom of the cushion.

Then I screwed the cushion back onto the base.

And now I have a cute cushion on a cute chair that is easy to clean up if the kids make a mess.

And I’ve got lots of extra material to make a matching apron or placemat if I feel crafty. And if I need to replace the cushion cover again I’ve got material for that too.

*note: if you feel the tablecloth material is too thin, try using some fusible material to make it sturdier.

Some nice and some not so nice words

First off. THANK YOU to all of those for the wonderful fabulous comments about our balcony on Apartment Therapy. The little one and I are so thrilled as we are huge fans of the site. It was so exciting to scroll down and pop see it. I hit the refresh button twice. Actually I was a bit more excited. I showed it to the wee one and she said “Nice, Can I go back to playing with my village now?" She’ll understand when she’s older.

Now for you those of you assholes that took a beautiful pink hibiscus and a planter off our front steps about a week and a half ago and then came back a few days ago and DUG up and took the remaining hibiscus. You are sad and pathetic. I hope that the next time you steal a plant it is covered in cow fertilizer and the stench attaches itself to your hands for two full moons. Just remember karma is a bitch and you’re lucky I don’t live in the South, because that click click sound you hear would be the double barrel pointed at you from the balcony. Ah I feel much better now.

Yes, isn't it sad and lonely? Poor little planter all alone and naked.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How I spent my 4th of July ~Alameda Style

So I spent my 4th of July at one of my favorite places. Well, when the weather behaves itself. It was just right. Not too much sun, not too much wind...It was a good one.

Let's start at the beginning. The regular cast of characters. Release the hounds.

Aha look what I spied in the first row. Hmm. It's a surfboard and shelves. Fabulous combo. And it came from a surf shop you say? Well, let me ponder...and I did for 4 rows before I calmly jaunted back for this baby. I know the colors are a bit off my scheme, but I do have a few paint cans in the basement.

Mom almost brought this baby home. He's so cute and tempting. He would look cute on the balcony...or the mermaid cove...or my bedroom...or the living room, or the library. So many options. Nope we were good. Hopefully he found a loving home.

Yummy Lucite. Perfect for displaying all those bracelets.

How do you talk to an angel? Actually how the heck do you get her home? Fortunately this lovely lady already had a sold sign by the time mum spotted her.

Two of my favorite things: this color blue and love.

Time to get my eyes checked. I thought the green things was a telescope. Nope just a beautiful piece of wood attached to a piece of metal for a necklace display. Cool either way. Reminder to self. Don't forget the Sweet Tea!! I smell a project idea. Now let's see.. shoot I wish I had some cute neighbor to spy on..
Doesn't this make you want to set up the lounge chairs in the back with the kiddie pool in the middle and watch some movies beneath the stars?
Speaking of chairs. July was a great month for all you chair whores out there. You know who you are. Cause I keep bumping in to you...

Do you think the sold signs are big enough to see from Outer Space? Lucky B who got these. I hope you're happy knowing that these could have had a very fine home in a mermaid cove at a beach house. But no you had to get to them first.

2 Words GOLDFINGER. Oops my bad, 1 word and really bad singing.

It's a toss up which I like better: the sweet chairs or the poor creatures stuck in the sweet chairs trying desperately to escape. Fly away......

There were a few characters at Alameda:

Ren and Stympy. Okay actually it's just two Rens.

Uh-oh there's a moose on the loose

My sources confirm that these are not, repeat NOT the mice from Cinderella. These are just your plain every day Micky mice. With big ass ears. They can hear cats from miles away.

Would this just be the coolest thing to put candy in at Halloween? Trick him out with a motor and remote control. Put some glow in the dark paint on his white areas. Hello little kids
want some candy? Put a speaker inside. Too many ideas and SWEET in so many ways.

I know where Santa spends the summer. I wonder if he's hot. Word of advise, some shorts and sunscreen? Maybe a little trim of the beard?

Speaking of Christmas. The wee one told me this would be a great Christmas dress (the blue one). Really? I guess we are spending Christmas on a plantation in the South, or 50’s Cuba this year. She would also like the pink luggage.

These piggies were cute enough, but a bit under dressed. I guess the wolf blew down this ones house after he put on his jewelry, but before he put on his underwear. Oh my! Haven't seen anything like that since Key West. Didn't know there was such a thing as Mardi Gras pigs. Put them with yellow Mr m and we could have quite the parade.

Isn't she beautiful? There was a lot of hemming and hawing about purchasing this beauty for the space in front of the mermaid cove. It was a tough decision. I was good. My birthday is coming up soon though. Hint Hint.

I saw two cars that I loved. The first was a bit too small. Unfortunately the other one belongs to someone else and they have the keys.
I don’t know you, but I love your car and would love to have it to drive to Alameda. Thanks
Here are two examples of what happens when you leave purchases alone with the little one. She decorates in unusual ways. I haven't made my mind up on the Virgin Mary and the hula doll. Somewhat sweet and innocent, yet still a bit weird.

HA busted in the act!!

What a fabulous way to end the day..

SsHHH…Amazingly we had no porta potty breaks…I can’t believe it!!! A miracle..

What?? Don’t all your trips to Alameda end up like this???