Sunday, July 11, 2010

Take me home country roads....

Quick post. Still working on uploading picts for Alameda. SO many things to discuss. Should have that tomorrow. Also in the works: Table cloth upholstery. Trust me it's cool! Right now I'm listening to Country Roads Iz Hawaiian version. Wait, yes nothing like the sweet pineapple flavor of the ice melting on your lips from a Pina Colada. Pinch pinch back to reality. Let me dust the sand from my toes. Went to the Zoo today and have cool picts of tiger, giraffes, white handed gibbons, and an alligator on the move. And of course Flamingos.

If you get a chance check out Jimmy Buffet "When the Coast is Clear"

Lots of love to the Gulf. Love his shirt One love one Ocean. Lots of love to my heart in the Keys...

Until then here's a tiny morsel of the beach house that I sent to Apartment Therapy for Outside Spaces and Desire to Inspire for their Pets on Furniture.

Don't forget the critters....

That's right there is no shame at the beach house.
And lounging is highly recommended....


  1. I love your porch so much! (first saw it on apartment therapy) I especially love the colors. I'm going to have to head out and find some blue paint myself.

  2. Thanks. If you haven't guessed it's my favorite color. Thanks for checking out my blog.