Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tahiti Fete

So last weekend was the San Jose Tahiti Fete. This was the first time that the wee one and I have attended this fabulous event that showcases Tahitian dance. Over 65 Halau's were represented over 4 days of competition. The wee one participated in the Tamari'i exihibition with her fellow Tiny Hips dancers. They performed a short solo in front of the judges. It was a quite a sight. There is just nothing so cute as seeing little ones perform Tahitian dance. And for their efforts they were rewarded with a tasty chocolate chip cookie and a beautiful blue ribbon. Congrats to our 3 girls who went on to the finals in the solo competition and our other dancers.

So what goes into performing at such an event? I'm so glad you asked. In addition to weekly dance class a Tamari'i soloist needs a beautiful outfit. Starting with a flamingo pink pareau, a coco bra and a beautiful flower and raffia necklace.

Add a fairly well built ti-leaf hip hei and head piece. Okay decently built for my first endeavor. Not too shabby.

And voila, one too cute Tamari'i outfit.

Then one needs to braid their hair. Little ones hair is not quite curly enough.

Don't forget to pack your bags...

Get a good nights sleep so you're ready for the day.

And voila. You and your fellow dancers are ready to hit the stage.

What's the hardest part of the competition? Getting the little one to take off her outfit that she's patiently waited weeks to wear.

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  1. Little tahitian are the cutest especially with their lovely outfit. Hope i can learn tahiti dance :) Nice Post... cheers!