Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So you think you're a rock star? Really?

Guess what greeted me this morning as I dragged my weary non-morning loving body to the kitchen this morning? This!! Just because you get a few pictures on the world wide web does not give you table privileges. Even more amazing is these 2 so close. They don’t get this close unless it’s cold and raining outside. Friendemies?? Do I want to even ponder what they were planning to do with the car keys? Nope.

This one obviously has a short attention span. Here he was back this evening. That’s right. His legs are even crossed as he’s lounging. No shame here.

The weather outside was a bit cold for him after 6. Did I mention this guy suffers from SAD? That's right. He spent most of the morning complaining about the overcast sky. Honey if I had any say in the matter it would rain for a few hours in the morning to water the plants and be a cool breezy 90 for the rest of the day.

Maybe I should hide the car keys.

Fabulous. Now this one wants in on the action. Posing with a parrot for goodness sakes. Do any of you creatures have any shame?

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