Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some nice and some not so nice words

First off. THANK YOU to all of those for the wonderful fabulous comments about our balcony on Apartment Therapy. The little one and I are so thrilled as we are huge fans of the site. It was so exciting to scroll down and pop see it. I hit the refresh button twice. Actually I was a bit more excited. I showed it to the wee one and she said “Nice, Can I go back to playing with my village now?" She’ll understand when she’s older.

Now for you those of you assholes that took a beautiful pink hibiscus and a planter off our front steps about a week and a half ago and then came back a few days ago and DUG up and took the remaining hibiscus. You are sad and pathetic. I hope that the next time you steal a plant it is covered in cow fertilizer and the stench attaches itself to your hands for two full moons. Just remember karma is a bitch and you’re lucky I don’t live in the South, because that click click sound you hear would be the double barrel pointed at you from the balcony. Ah I feel much better now.

Yes, isn't it sad and lonely? Poor little planter all alone and naked.


  1. Yes, lucky for some people our house is a no gun house just like yours.