Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Saturday

How was your day? We were quite confused, and still ended up having a fabulous day.

Usually Saturday is Hula Day here at the beach house, and for the next two weekends we are on Summer Break. Since the wee one and I are quite the creatures of habit, we get a bit thrown off when our schedule changes. Not that we aren't flexible, but we do get a bit loopy.

We decided to stay in town and wing it. I was able to roll around until 9 when I was forced to get up by the little one. Kinda a morning person she is. I must work on that. Had a quick bite to eat and went for a stroll.

The wee one found an "old" car that she loved. I love the color!! I'm amazed that she can tell the difference between old and new cars. At such a young age. This could be a problem in 10 years. She does have an eye for detail.

We also came upon this itsy bitsy beautiful flower outside a church school yard. I can't figure out if it's a weed or was the only one that survived the winter. It's maybe the size of 2 of my thumbs. And my thumbs are tiny. Like Toddler sized. Okay maybe 1st grader.

I loved this sign. Don't you have work days that just need this sign? This goes out to all you moms out there still changing diapers.

We ended up at our favorite local thrift store. It's been a few months so it was nice to touch base. As usual the wee one scored some clothes. A white top for school (he he she has to wear a uniform 4 days a week), a pink sweatshirt and a really cute green and white Roxy jacket. I myself scored a cute Roxy skirt. Yeah team.

Then a few more errands and off to lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. The Little Gourmet. One of the best secrets in Napa. It's for kids but the grown up food is fantastic too. And you can't beat the outside dining on a sunny day! They have the BEST iced tea, and turkey wrap and potato salad and Pot de Creme...

After lunch we hit a consignment store. I was REALLY GOOD. There was a teak and bamboo Bali style chair for $40. It would have gone great in my future Tiki room. Did I mention I was good? But I did get this for $6. Cute huh. I love metal. The legs are actually wood around the metal.

You didn't think it would stay white at my house did you?? Nope and it found its way to the balcony.

Which leads me to where our day ended up. That's right.... our balcony. Spent a little bit on the sunny side reading. Migrated to the chaise for some shade. And ended up back on the Sunny side for a sunset left overs picnic dinner.

Nothing like an uninvited guest.

So close and jet so far away.

Don't forget that you can't end a wonderful sunny Summer day without a tea party. And at our balcony we don't have just regular tea parties. Nope... Thai Iced Tea Parties with lots of cream.


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