Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got a little crafty today....

The weather as of late has got me a bit batty. With the off and on showers and sun I feel as if I back in Key West minus about 30 degrees. At times like this what is one to do except get a bit crafty? Today's weapons of choice: 1 milk container from a kids happy meal (regular or chocolate optional) and a bunch load of foam stickies. Strategically place the foamies on the milk container and voila one small vase. If the weather remains schizophrenic tomorrow I think I just might just go hog wild and make some pipe cleaner and tissue paper flowers. Whoa baby....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Finds

My cheap cool crap finder superhero powers were in superb form this last week. On Thursday night my powers told me it was time to get out of the house for a bit. So I called up my Mum who had a bit of Spring Fever and was up for an adventure. No sooner had we turned around the corner from my house and gone about 200 feet did we find this beauty. Actually my dear sweet lovely mom calmly drove by it and mentioned "oh did you notice that metal shelving on the sidewalk? Should we turn around?" Uh okay I said nonchalantly. ( I figured it was some closet shelving thinagamaging. I was thrown off by her mentioning it. I have a serious collection of metal in my basement for my glass supplies and other crap. Usually when I see anything metal at Alameda I get a serious eye roll that can be felt in San Fran. In other words I though it was gonna be a true piece of crap. You know crappy crap.)

Now some of you are saying whoppie do da. But serious metal fiends such as myself are seriously drooling. Now pick up your jaws my dear friends. Not only do the wheels on this baby make for an incredibly smooth ride, it also has other cool features. Notice the pool aqua colored bumper at the bottom, 3 adjustable shelves and adjustable little hangerthings that can be moved forward and backward and a break. Mom must have taken her meds that day because not only did she spot this lovely creature, she also spotted me the $30 bucks cash that she just happened to have on her. The story gets even better when you image the wee one hop out of the car to help me wheel this puppy home. Thank goodness we only had to cross the street twice as it was a bit loud. It was meant to be and now it and I are happy in it's new home. And a big thank you my new friends on Main St.

Sunday started quietly with some hot chocolate and bacon. I prepared myself to drop off a few bags of stuff for the local thrift store. I threw around the idea in my head to wait until next week , but my superhero powers told me no. Gotta do it. There's something to be found. So I went inside shopped around a bit. Found a great retro lamp shade for 2 bucks for my big a** flower lamps and a couple of bowl things attached to bases. Then went to deliver my goods and shazamm. What did i spy with my big brown eyes? 2 old wicker chairs and table.

I calmly asked the young gentleman their price. "Well i was just about to throw them out so you can have them for $5.99. Oh okay and how much for the table? "Uh how 'bout 2 bucks" Ran my little derriere into the store and bought them. Now I do have a bit of yardage at the beach house, but I had something else in mind. My mama's birthday is in 2 weeks. And they would fit perfectly in her courtyard by the cottage. Perfect!!!!

Ran them over to mum's said "Happy early birthday" and moved them into their new home.

Of course I couldn't resist a few artistic photos while in the courtyard.

I guess this yellow magnolia is a bit uncommon. And the wee one's headband fit in perfectly with the other foliage.

Just another fabulous junk find'in weekend. Can't wait til Alameda next weekend!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rain Rain Rainy Day

Ah. Nothing like a beautiful sunny spring Friday to get you all hyped up with Spring Fever ready to head out for an adventure. Ah but Mother Nature has quite a wicked sense of humor. She gives you an amazing 3 days of warmth and sunshine and then BOOM. 2 days of complete cold and rain. Thank goodness I snuck out and mowed my lawns yesterday. Today I'm taking it easy with a Firefly marathon. Okay, there are only 13 episodes so maybe it is a half marathon. Gotta love Netflix. Last week it was the 7 and up series. Later I will brave the weather to get my rear end to the Traders for some cheese and fruit, until then let's fire up another episode as I make some more hot chocolate and raid the little ones Halloween stash....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

75 degrees and Happy Birthday to me....

I know I know. For those 2 people that follow this blog I've been absent for a little bit. A lot has transpired in that time. I went for 3 fab sun filled days in San Diego; played with some friends in Balboa Park , had some great Cuban, Vietnamese and Mexican food, went on a mini tour of the old hood. hit some great thrift stores and had a massage. Pictures will be up briefly. (Not of the massage). Unfortunately I missed the earthquake. By 5 days. I know it's a bit sick and twisted, but as a native Californian I LOVE IT WHEN THE EARTH MOVES. I've felt the big SF Quake, the Northridge and even a fair sized one based in Yountville.

On Saturday I started my Tahitian Dance Class. I held my own. I did have a slight knowledge of what was in store for me having watched the little one in her hula and Tahitian dance for 6 months. I knew some of the moves and had a bit of practice. Although wee one was not very helpful. When I asked her to show me some moves I was told "You have to go to your class with the adults and learn yourself." Just wait till the time for drivers training little one. Just you wait..... It's a great class and the other women are very welcoming and helpful.

We had a very lazy and wet Easter. The little one and I were in such a funk from the rain that we didn't even hide eggs in the house. One of the highlights was having a little piggy bacon for Brunch, while setting up the Polly Pocket Spa Roller Coaster. I watched 3 movies and the wee one watched a few episodes of Fraggle Rock. Thank you Netflix for the direct stream to the computer. So it wasn't a complete loss. A greatvlazy day.

And today was my birthday. 75 degrees baby. Happy frigg'in birthday to meeeee!!! That alone was worth the price of admission. According to my female offspring I'm 26 (okay add a decade and a few years), which "Is kinda old mommy". Dang it's a good thing she doesn't know my true age. I might be really old. Yes nothing is so sweet as the words delivered by a half asleep five year old on the downward slide from a oreo cookie ice cream sandwich from the Rutherford Grill. Makes the heart melt. I think I just might keep her a few more years.

And now is the time for this oldie to go sleep off her Tirimusu. Sweet rum drinks to all and all a good night.....