Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rain Rain Rainy Day

Ah. Nothing like a beautiful sunny spring Friday to get you all hyped up with Spring Fever ready to head out for an adventure. Ah but Mother Nature has quite a wicked sense of humor. She gives you an amazing 3 days of warmth and sunshine and then BOOM. 2 days of complete cold and rain. Thank goodness I snuck out and mowed my lawns yesterday. Today I'm taking it easy with a Firefly marathon. Okay, there are only 13 episodes so maybe it is a half marathon. Gotta love Netflix. Last week it was the 7 and up series. Later I will brave the weather to get my rear end to the Traders for some cheese and fruit, until then let's fire up another episode as I make some more hot chocolate and raid the little ones Halloween stash....

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