Wednesday, April 7, 2010

75 degrees and Happy Birthday to me....

I know I know. For those 2 people that follow this blog I've been absent for a little bit. A lot has transpired in that time. I went for 3 fab sun filled days in San Diego; played with some friends in Balboa Park , had some great Cuban, Vietnamese and Mexican food, went on a mini tour of the old hood. hit some great thrift stores and had a massage. Pictures will be up briefly. (Not of the massage). Unfortunately I missed the earthquake. By 5 days. I know it's a bit sick and twisted, but as a native Californian I LOVE IT WHEN THE EARTH MOVES. I've felt the big SF Quake, the Northridge and even a fair sized one based in Yountville.

On Saturday I started my Tahitian Dance Class. I held my own. I did have a slight knowledge of what was in store for me having watched the little one in her hula and Tahitian dance for 6 months. I knew some of the moves and had a bit of practice. Although wee one was not very helpful. When I asked her to show me some moves I was told "You have to go to your class with the adults and learn yourself." Just wait till the time for drivers training little one. Just you wait..... It's a great class and the other women are very welcoming and helpful.

We had a very lazy and wet Easter. The little one and I were in such a funk from the rain that we didn't even hide eggs in the house. One of the highlights was having a little piggy bacon for Brunch, while setting up the Polly Pocket Spa Roller Coaster. I watched 3 movies and the wee one watched a few episodes of Fraggle Rock. Thank you Netflix for the direct stream to the computer. So it wasn't a complete loss. A greatvlazy day.

And today was my birthday. 75 degrees baby. Happy frigg'in birthday to meeeee!!! That alone was worth the price of admission. According to my female offspring I'm 26 (okay add a decade and a few years), which "Is kinda old mommy". Dang it's a good thing she doesn't know my true age. I might be really old. Yes nothing is so sweet as the words delivered by a half asleep five year old on the downward slide from a oreo cookie ice cream sandwich from the Rutherford Grill. Makes the heart melt. I think I just might keep her a few more years.

And now is the time for this oldie to go sleep off her Tirimusu. Sweet rum drinks to all and all a good night.....

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