Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1 - Done

So I have a crazy Crazy4 days. Actually it started today. I am proud to report that I survived and enjoyed the circus. The coolest part were the crazy costume people jumping on the bouncy things at the end. It's hard to explain. 7-8 trampolines in two rows on two levels with lots people jumping and flipping on them in time with the music and each other. Add some hula hoops and two large groups of rings, and crazy costumes with lots of bright red, orange and yellow tags attached to body suits and hats for kicks and giggles. I can only describe it as a bizarre mating of trapeze (without the trapeze) and syncornized swimming (without the water) that takes place on a skate ramp (without the skateboards or the ramps, just lots of guys on platforms waiting for their turn to jump in). Confused? Good. Just a nice elongated kip and I'll be ready to tackle day two. Friday the 13th and the fair.

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