Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fairyland Part 1~ The Sleepover

So the weekend before last the wee one, my mom and I went on an overnight adventure to a very magical place. Nope, not Disneyland. Fairyland in Oakland. It’s been around for almost 60 years. In fact, it will be celebrating the anniversary in a few weeks. Being a big kid it is one of my favorite places. It has animals, neat old funky buildings, a puppet show, mini rides for the kids, a train, even a whale and a Japanese house up in the sky with a big dragon slide (kids only please).

The adventure began when the gates opened at 5:45. We got to the gate around 5:20 and there was already a good line, but not to fear there was plenty of room for everyone to pitch their tent. We choose a location that was sunny in the afternoon and would be one of the first to receive the morning light. Okay next time we’ll make sure we’re not under a lamp post and in the main line of traffic for the food. But overall our location was not bad. We were not going to place ourselves in the bark under a tree where who knows what tiny creatures would lurk under us or overhead.

Ah here’s our humble abode. Now I must let you in on a small fact. I don’t camp. I have issues that I don’t like open air when I slumber. I like to feel as if there are four SOLID walls around my body. Unless it’s 80 to 90 degrees with high humidity I don’t even crack a window. Size does not matter, it could be a box. So this was quite a big thing for me to do. I am not too proud to admit that yes I did sleep in the middle with a five year old protecting me on one side.

So here’s a basic rundown of the evening. Gates open, rides (train, carousel, mini ferris wheel) open, kids running amuck (thank goodness they locked up the animals before our arrival), then dinner. After dinner there was a puppet show, more play time, a magic show, dessert, lights out and kids running amuck on a sugar high. (Fairyland, uhm maybe next year we can mover the dessert to after dinner, before the puppet show? It’s a bit difficult to calm down 50+ 3-8 years olds when you give them cake and hot chocolate at 9. I‘m just say‘in.)

Overall I had a great time. It is always fun to go to Fairyland and night just makes it that bit more special. We will definitely be going back next year. ( I will even remind myself to bring the extra battery so when my camera dies I'm not running around using the ipod video)

Those of us at the beach house just ask those of you who go next year please don’t let your kids run screaming around at 10:30, 11 PM. And please leave the damn wagon at your tent. No little child needs to go for a midnight wagon run. Maybe save it for college? Wake up time is at 6:30 and some growing children and adults do like to get some rest.

Also it seemed that everyone was having a wonderful time. So why don’t we save that discussion for the next day, maybe the ride home? Little Johnny may like to wake up at 4:30, but he can probably remember the night before without you rehashing it loudly at that hour. If I wanted to hear how much you and your child enjoyed the evening before, I would have invited you into my tent at 9am. Whispering before 7 am is always appreciated. Especially by those who are a bit grumpy from trying to fall asleep with children circling their tent the night before. Thanks.

Hope to see you there next summer!!

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